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Light Channel 0.6" DIY Recessed Millwork 24VDC LED Do-It-Yourself Tunable White,Warm Dim, RGB & Monochromatic Static Color

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Features & Benefits
  • 24VDC LED Stomp Strip is high performance, highly durable and designed to withstand the harsh elements of a job site, including stomping and twisting
  • Gold Plated Contacts prevent oxidation ensuring longevity of the LEDs
  • 35 LED diodes per foot provide high performance and clean, uniform light distribution without diodes when used with a diffused lens
  • Cut and assemble in field
  • Snap & Light Solderless Connections reduce labor during installation
  • 24VDC LED Strip offers excellent color-rendering
  • Diffused Lens (D) projects uniform light distribution through a glare-free diffused lens without pixelation
  • Clear Lens (C) provides maximum illumination use a transparent clear lens. LED's WILL SHOW.
  • Clear Lens White Louver (CW)
  • Clear Lens Black Louver (CB)
  • Diffused Lens White Louver (DW)
  • Diffused Lens Black Louver (DB)
  • Gel Diffused Lens (G) provided by the customer, please visit for more information
  • 5 year pro-rated warranty included

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