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Cirrus Ceiling / Wall T1 BIY Tubular Downlight Lens 24VDC Build-It-Yourself System

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PureEdge Lighting's BIY (Build-It-Yourself) Cirrus Ceiling T1 (squared lens) system allows you to create more complex configurations using Pre-Formed Components for simplifying the installation process. The versatile 24VDC linear LED lighting system, creates glare-free, indoor architectural lighting with 95+ CRI LEDs. High efficiency LEDs light the BIY System and can be mounted to a wall, ceiling or both at the same time seamlessly, using mounting clips, channel connectors and small junction boxes provided with the system. The Cirrus Ceiling T1 Channel and Lens are sold in 4', 5', 8', and 10' increments. PureEdge's Soft Strip family of products provide the light engine to the BIY system. Soft Strip is sold in 1' increments up to 40' in (2.5 Watt Static White CCT) LED configuration, Up to 20' in (5 Watt Warm Dim, 2K4K, RGB Static CCT, ) LED configuration, Up to 16' in (6.3 Watt, RGB+W) LED configuration, Up to 12' in (7.3 Watt Static CCT) configuration, Up 10' (10 Watt Static White CCT, 2k4k). The field cuttable Soft Strip can be cut to size on the job site every 2.4" (static white, 2K4K) or 3" (Dynamic Color Changing and Warm Dim). High lumen output values from commercial-grade Static White CCT or Dynamic Color Changing LEDs project a clean crisp line of light that can be configured to any space. For custom design and layout assistance, send drawings to, Pro-Rated 5 Year Warranty.

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