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Verge Corner Build-It-Yourself 24VDC Plaster-In LED System


Verge Corner BIY (Build-It-Yourself) is another companion to the family of 5/8" Drywall Plaster-in systems pioneered by PureEdge. The 24VDC system contains a slim plaster-in aluminum extrusion and a 4" paintable aluminum backer plate that mounts directly to studs or ceiling joists without any modification and recesses within 5/8" or thicker drywall. Continuing to redefine the relationship between Lighting and Interior Design, Verge Corner BIY creates visually interesting and dramatic illumination by highlighting the inside Corners of two drywall surfaces such as ceiling, coves and skylights. The field-cuttable, Verge Corner channel is ordered in 1' increments (12"), our Designer-grade High CRI Color Rendering LEDs are offered in eleven standard color temperatures: Static white 2000K-5700K, RGB, RGB+W, Warm Dim (27D or 30D) and, Dynamic/Tunable White (2K4K and 27K6) as well as four wattage options of 5WDC, 10WDC, and 14WDC. The Verge brings a modern and dynamic appearance to Residential and Commercial environments, offering unlimited creativity, and empowering you to design one-of-a-kind, personalized spaces every time. Remote Power supplies are required and sold separately. Coordinate installation with electrical and drywall contractors. Includes a 5-year pro-rated warranty. For custom quotes and layout assistance, send drawings to Designed by Gregory Kay.

Remote Power Supplies*, Dimmers & Controls (Sold Separately)

  • Uni Driver: Universal Dimming (ELV, 0-10V, TRIAC)
  • Lutron Hi-Lume®
  • Electronic Low Voltage (ELV)
  • 0-10 Volt (0-10V)
  • Dynamic Color Changing (DMX)
  • *In-Wall Mounting Kits available for select power supplies
    **Dynamic/Tunable White Requires two dimmers (one for each color temperature) or use our proprietary Tunable White Controller CDMX-1

You must order Two lengths of LED strip per foot for Verge Corner. Verge Corner BIY is installed within drywall with Adjustable Mounting Bars. Requires Remote Power Supply (ordered separately) In-Wall Mounting Kits are available for select power supplies. Order in 1' increments (12"), field-cuttable to any length.

Maximum Lengths Before Re-feeding:

  • 5WDC - 20' (2 x 2.5W)
  • 10WDC - 10' (2 x 4.4W)
  • 14WDC - 7' (2 x 7.5W)

Design Note
Verge Corner BIY can be installed within multiple surfaces that form inside Corners, such as Coves and Windows. Ambient and harmonious, this BIY plaster-in LED system blends into 5/8" or thicker drywall to enhance the contemporary aesthetic of interior spaces. Verge offers unsurpassed precision and flexibility that transforms spaces into thoughtful and refined works of art.


  • Choose from various color temperatures: 22K-57K, Warm Dim (27D and 30D) and Dynamic/Tunable White (2K4K and 27K6)
  • Designer Grade High CRI 95+ LEDs
  • The average LED Life is 50,000 hours

Indoor damp or dry locations only. Ideal for inside corners of drywall surfaces such as Walls and Ceilings, Coves, Windows and Skylights in most Residential and Commercial environments.

Title 24, ETL, Class 2, Damp Location, Made in USA. 1-hour fire rating uses Two pieces of Type X Gypsum board, for 2-Hour fire rating use Three pieces of Type X Gypsum board.

PureEdge is the Original Designer of 5/8" Drywall Products, Backed by Over 30 Years of Precision Manufacturing and Design.

Assembled in America