3x96W 24VDC Power Supply


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Accepts input voltage in a range of 120 - 277VAC and outputs 24VDC power up to 3x96 watts. Can be used as a dimmable or non-dim Power Supply. The low voltage output dims down to 7% when two additional wires are connected to a 0-10V dimmer. Power Supply features short circuit and overload protection. Indoor applications only.


*To avoid overheating the power supply, install it in a ventilated remote location where air flows. Maintain proper spacing among power supplies when multiple power supplies are installed in the same remote location.

Power Input:

120-277 volts AC, 50/60Hz

Power Output:

Class 2; 24 volts DC 4A, 3X96 watts maximum


14" x 10" x 3"

Compatible Dimmers:

Philips Sunrise SR1200ZTUNV, 0-10V dimmer.
Leviton: IP710-DL

Intertek Class 2

3X96 Power Supply Ordering Code

Product   Wattage   Dimming   Voltage
PSB - 3X96W - 010 - 24VDC
PSB Power Supply
with Enclosure Box
  3X96W 3X96W   010 0-10 Volt Dimming   24VDC 24 Volt DC