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Aurora Dual LED Adjustable Accent Round Edge 3.3

Aurora Gear Cover Aurora Gear Cover
Soraa Vivid MR16 LED Lamps Soraa Vivid MR16 LED Lamps

Specification grade, recessed, adjustable accent fixture for plaster or drywall construction. The flush mounted rigid plaster plate, which is finished into the ceiling, maintains a flat finish. Combining the Knife Edge 3.3" (50mm) aperture with the Aurora dome and the tilt gear hidden behind the lamps creates a clean internal look.

1. Lamp:

2x MR16 LED 7W–9W 12VAC, equivalent to 50W or 65W halogen. 10, 15, 25 or 36 degree beam spread options. Lamps sold separately. Only use LED retrofit lamps designed for use in enclosed fixtures. See for a list of recommended lamps

2. Adjustability:

Hot-aiming with #2 Philips screwdriver offers 20 to 45 degree vertical adjustment and 362 degree horizontal rotation without beam clipping.

3. Housing:

.040" (1mm) thick die formed aluminum. Includes 2x 12V 15W electronic low voltage transformers for MR16 LEDs. IC and air-tight, suitable for remodel or new construction.

4. Dome:

Anodized soft haze finish. Hides electrical hardware and tilts for easy access to junction box and transformer

5. Plaster Plate:

14 5/8" (372mm) x 14 1/2" (368mm) x 1/8" (3mm) aluminum Plaster Plate is primed and ready for painting. Mounts flush with the ceiling. Apply Durabond®* ceiling compound at the perimeter of the housing. Use the supplied ultra-thin FibaTape®**. This prevents chipping and cracking at the trim aperture, which is common with other trimless fixtures.

6. Mounting:

Self leveling, u-shape telescoping hanger bars extend to allow mounting between studs 13 1/4" - 24" (336-609mm) O.C. Mounting is suitable for new and remodel commercial or residential drywall construction. Designed to accommodate ceiling thickness from 1/2" (13mm) to 1 1/4" (32mm). Notch and label marking for laser alignment.

7. Trim:

Precision-machined aluminum 3.5" (89mm) trim with 2" (50mm) Knife Edge aperture reduces glare at the trim. Flangeless, flush trim installs into the Plaster Plate with a precision snap-fit. Finished with white non-gloss powdercoat paint. Trim may be painted onsite to match ceiling finish.

8. Snoot:

Machined aluminum snoot controls internal spill light. The snoot secures the lamp to the Pan Tilt Mechanism and allows for easy relamping.

9. Electrical:

120VAC (standard), 230VAC, or 277VAC input, 12VAC 15W MAX output.

Dimmer Type:

Compatible with most ELV dimmers. Refer to lamping specs for list of compatible dimmers.


26lbs (11.8kg)

Limited Quantities Available. Please call for more information.

Protected by Patent Number 7,476,008.



Ordering Code

120V Electronic

IC Housing
Plaster Plate
AL7D- Aurora LED
#7D Dual Housing
  ADRE3- Accent Dual-Lamp
Round Edge 3.3" Aperture

230V and 227V Electronic

IC Housing
  Voltage   Function
Plaster Plate
AL7D - 2 - ADRE3
AL7D- Aurora LED
#7D Dual Housing
  2 - 230V 50/60Hz
3 - 277V 50/60Hz
  ADRE3- Accent Dual-Lamp
Round Edge 3.3" Aperture