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Tie Stix Suspension Dynamic/Tunable White Center Feed Indirect with Power

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Tie Stix Indirect Center Feed Dynamic/Tunable White is a linear LED suspension that creates a clean, Indirect beam of light through a Diffused White lens with a 100ยบ beam spread. Using the latest in LED Technology Dynamic/Tunable White, you have full control over the color temperature from 2000K (Sunset) to 4000K (Cool White) independent from the level of brightness. Use with two dimmers (one for 2000K and one for 4000K) or, our proprietary Tunable White Controller for fast and accurate adjustment with three preset scenes. The Tie Stix Center Feed Dynamic/ Tunable White is available in 6 standard sizes 39", 48", 60", 72", 84" and 96". Choose from eleven versatile finishes, six Metal and five Genuine Hardwood options that pair perfectly with the metal hardware. Add the optional Fast Jack 12V Port Canopy (C1) for mounting Fast Jack fixtures to easily accommodate a variety of moods and tasks. The suspension includes 1'' of adjustable aircraft. Order TXSP with power supplies included in the canopy or TXSR remote power supplies, sold separately. Includes a 5-year pro-rated warranty. For custom lengths and quotes, email our design team


Tunable White (2K4K): 5 Watts @ 30K 10 Watts @ 30K
Lumen Output: 299 Lm/Ft 518 Lm/Ft
CRI: 95+ 95+
Beam Angle: 100° degrees
Average LED life is 60,000 hours.


TXSUP: Power supplies in Canopy
Power: 120V/24V 2x Uni-Driver. Optional Fast Jack Power Supply; 12VAC electronic low voltage LED power supply.
Dimming*: Dual ELV
TXSUR: Remote Power Supply Options:
Power: 24VDC Class 2 wiring, 2x UNIVERSAL Remote Power Supplies (dims Triac, ELV or 0-10V, sold separately). Optional Fast Jack Power Supply; 12VAC electronic low voltage LED power supply.
Dimming*: Universal Dimming (TRIAC, ELV, 0-10V), Lutron Hi-Lume°, DALI or DMX pgs 3-5, sold separately
Power Consumed: 5 or 10 watts per foot
*Dimmers not included

Canopy & Hardware Finishes

Satin Black
Antique Bronze
Satin Nickel

Channel Finishes*

Wood Maple
Wood Walnut
Wood Cherry
Wood White Oak
Wood Expresso
Satin Black
Antique Bronze
Satin Nickel
Satin Brass
*Wood finishes are authentic natural products, exact color and grain may vary. If you are trying to match an existing material, please contact us for a finish sample. We are able to accommodate some requests to pair our wood finishes with COM.

Designed for indoor use only. Ideal applications in Residential, Commercial, Retail, and Hospitality environments.

Damp Location, ETL listed, Class 2 wiring, Title 24 Assembled in America.

Assembled in America


Ordering Code

System   Wattage
Per Foot
  Power Feed   Nominal Size (L)   Color Temperature   Canopy &
Hardware Finish
Channel Finish
TXSUP - 5W - C - 72 - 2K4K - B SB
TXSUP Tie Stix Suspension, Indirect
with Power Supply in Canopy
TXSUR Tie Stix Suspension, Indirect
with Remote Power Supply
  5W 5 Watts
10W 10 Watts
  C Center Feed
C1 Center Feed
with Fast Jack Port
(Remote Power supply only)
39 40.5" 72 73.5"
48 49.5" 84 85.5"*
60 61.5" 96 97.5"
*Due to natural nature of wood,
metal finish lengths are reduced
2/5" from the nominal size.
*84" Max length Chrome
  2K4K 2000K - 4000K Tunable White   B Satin Black
Z Antique Bronze
C Chrome
S Satin Nickel
W White
WM Wood Maple
WN Wood Walnut
WC Wood Cherry
WO Wood White Oak
WE Wood Espresso
BK Satin Black
BZ Antique Bronze
CH Chrome
SN Satin Nickel
WH White
SB Satin Brass