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Stomp Strip 24VDC, Static White, Warm Dim & Tunable White

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Can't Stomp Me Out
Our Low Voltage BIY (Build-It-Yourself) Stomp Strip is Value Engineered with High Lumen output and highly durable, designed to withstand the harsh elements of a job site, including stomping and twisting. Stomp Strip is used for our BIY fi xtures and systems including Truline, Verge & Nova.

Features and Benefits

  • 4 Pin Connectors or, Pre-soldered leads reduce time and labor during installation
  • Value Engineered: Developed to meet popular demand for cost effective illumination without sacrifi cing output, color rendering and effi cacy
  • Tolerance: Created to resist damage in rigorous environments such as busy commercial jobsites
  • Compact LED spacing: Produce uniform light distribution without visible diodes or hot spots when used within a diffused lens
  • 4oz Layer of Copper Busbar: Provides superior heat dissipation and less voltage drop equivalent to 14AWG wire
  • Premium Coating: Optically Clear Silicone prevents fading over time
  • Mounting: Industrial 3M tape lined strip for strong, self-adhesion to most smooth, finished surfaces
  • Applications: Indoor, damp and dry locations
  • Warranty: Includes a 5-year pro-rated warranty


  • 24VDC
  • 2.5, 4.4 or 7.5 watts per foot
  • Sold in 1' increments
  • Field-cuttable increments: Static White 2.4", Warm Dim and Tunable White 3
  • Operating temperature: -22°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60°C)


  • 7 Static White Color Temperatures 22K-57K
  • Warm Dim: 27D and 30D dim down to 2000K, resembling incandescent light sources
  • Tunable White: 2K6K (2000K-6500K) and 27K6 (2700K-6500K)
  • Average life: 50,000 hours

Remote Power Supplies*, Dimmers & Controls (Sold Separately)

  • Electronic Low Voltage Dimming (ELV)
  • Uni Driver: Universal dimming (ELV, 0-10V, TRIAC)
  • 0-10 Volt (0-10) Dimming
  • Color Changing (DMX)
  • Lutron Hi-Lume®
  • *In-Wall Mounting Kits available for select Power Supplies
    ELV power supplies are not compatible with nLight, use only 0-10 volt. Universal driver or Lutron Hi-Lume® power supplies

Maximum Lengths Before Re-feeding

  • 2WDC, 2.5 watts per foot - 40'
  • 5WDC, 4.4 watts per foot - 20'
  • 7WDC, 7.5 watts per foot - 12'

Compatible Fixtures & Systems

  • All PureEdge Lighting BIY channels
  • 5/8" Drywall Systems: Truline, Truquad, Reveal and Verge

Class 2 Wiring up to 100 watts, Damp Location Suitable, ETL listed.

*27D, 30D - Warm Dim (4.8 Watts)


Assembled in America


Ordering Code

System   Type   Voltage   Length in Feet   Color
ST2A - 4PIN - 24V - 40 - 27K
ST2A Stomp Strip, 2.5 watts (40ft Max)
ST5A Stomp Strip, 4.6 watts (20ft Max)
ST7A Stomp Strip, 7.3 watts (12ft Max)
  4PIN 4 Pin
SE1 6' Soldered lead, 1 end
SE2 6' Soldered leads, 2 ends
Leave blank for no connector
  24V 24 Volt   1-40   22K 2200K Amber White
24K 2400K Very Warm White
27K 2700K Incandescent White
27D 2700K Warm Dim (5W only)
30K 3000K Warm White
30D 3000K Warm Dim (5W only)
35K 3500K Neutral White
40K 4000K Cool White
57K 5700K Daylight White
2K6K Tunable White 2000K-6500K
27K6 Tunable White 2700K-6500K