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Step LED & Halogen

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The Step recessed fixture, with Scoop reflector, is perfect for stairs or walls. Halogen Step KIT includes: H1M Step (master) new construction housing, plaster screen, 10 watt, 12 volt G4 bipin base halogen JC lamp and a 60 watt electronic transformer that can power up to 5 H1S (slaves). LED L1M Step (master) includes, a 2 watt lamp and 60 watt LED Transformer that can power up to 25 LED L1S Step (slaves), which do not include transformers.

Satin Aluminum or White

Lamp Specification:
Halogen (H)
H1 - Maximum 10W bipin G4 base
L1M/L1S - 3000K, 80 CRI

Total Wattage:
H1 - 10W
L1M - 2W (with 60W power supply)
L1S - 2W (without power supply)

H1 - Low Voltage Electronic
L1 - Low Voltage Electronic

.40 lb (0.18 kg)

Limited Quantities of Halogen Available. Please call for more information.


Ordering Code

    Description   Lamp   Finish   Voltage
STEP - KIT - H1M - SA - Standard 120V
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    KIT Housing & Fixture   H1M Halogen Master (White Only)
H1S Halogen Slave
L1M LED Master
L1S LED Slave
  SA Satin Aluminum
WH White
  2 230V 50Hz