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Soft Strip Power Feed Accessories


Power Feed Connector Cord

The 6 foot long power feed connector cord (included with each Soft Strip) conducts power from a DC transformer to Soft Strip. It connects to the male end of the Soft Strip. The optional 12 foot long power feed connector cord (sold separately) is available for designs requiring a longer cord.

Ordering Code

Product   Type   Size   Connector
SS - PFE - 6FT - Leave Blank for
WW or VW
SS Soft Strip   PFE Power Feed Connector Cord   6FT 6 Foot
12FT 12 Foot


Canopy Cover

Use for remote located power supply. The 3 inch rectangle or 4 inch round white canopy covers the electrical box and feeds wires for 12V/24V Soft Strip.

Ordering Code

Product   Finish
3RE - WH
3RE 3 Inch Rectangle Canopy Cover
4RD 4 Inch Round Canopy Cover
  WH White


Splice Box

The Splice Box provides a safe enclosure for low voltage connections. Install within 30 feet of power supply; use up to #10 ga wire to limit voltage drop.

Ordering Code

Product Finish   Finish
1RB - WH
1RB 1 Inch Rectangle Splice Box   WH White


Micro Switch

The Soft Strip Micro Switch is used behind cabinet doors; lights turn on when cabinet door opens.

Ordering Code

System   Type
SS Soft Strip   MSW Micro Switch