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SS1 RGB Soft Strip 1.5W, 24V High Output, Red, Green & Blue

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Over 16 million possible colors.

Soft Strip (SS1) RGB provides dynamic color effects with red, green and blue LEDs. The 1/2" wide flexible copper strip, with an optically clear protective coating, is sold in 1 ft increments up to 40 ft with cutting increments every 6 inches. Includes Snap & Light Connector SS-SLC-96IN. Additional Snap & Light Connectors (pages 3-4) are also available for making turns and custom configurations. At only 1.5 watts per foot, this system can be controlled using a compatible RGB 24 volt DC power supply with integrated RGB DMX driver. Self-adhering SS1 mounts to most smooth finished surfaces with the industrial strength 3M tape (provided on back of strip); some unfinished surfaces may require screw-in mounting clips (sold separately). Designed for indoor, open-air environments, SS1 includes a flexible aluminum heat sink to extend LED life. Soft Strip is compatible with solderless Snap & Light Connectors. Fixtures include 5 year warranty.

Indoor Only - Under/above cabinet, cove lighting or accent toe kicks

9 RGB LEDs per foot
Consumes 1.5 watts per foot

Average Lamp Life:
50,000 hours

CTP Color Touch Screen Controller with Power Adapter
CDP Controller Dial with Power Adapter
CDMX1-RGBW DMX 1 Zone RGBW Touch Controller

24VDC Power Supply with DMX Driver (Sold Separately):
PSB-100W-24VDC-RGB 100W output, 120-277V Input
PSB-2X100W-24VDC-RGB 2x100W output, 120-277V Input
PSB-3X100W-24VDC-RGB 3x100W output, 120-277V Input
PSB-4X100W-24VDC-RGB 4x100W output, 120-277V Input

Maximum Length
Before Refeeding: 40 Ft

1 2W
2 3W
3 5W
4 6W
5 8W
6 9W
7 11W
8 12W
9 14W
10 15W
11 17W
12 18W
13 20W
14 21W
15 23W
16 24W
17 26W
18 27W
19 29W
20 30W
21 32W
22 33W
23 35W
24 36W
25 38W
26 39W
27 41W
28 42W
29 44W
30 45W
31 47W
32 48W
33 50W
34 51W
35 53W
36 54W
37 56W
38 57W
39 59W
40 60W



Ordering Code

System   Voltage   Length in Feet   Color Temperature
SS1 - 24V - 40 - RGB
SS1 Soft Strip 1.5W per Ft   24V 24 Volt   Sold in 1 Ft increments up to 40 Ft (Example 40 = 40 Ft)   RGB Red, Green & Blue