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PSB-96W-UNI-24VDC 96 Watt 24 Volt DC Power Supply

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Accepts input voltage in a range of 120 - 277VAC and outputs 24VDC power up to 96 watts. Can be used as a dimmable or nondim Power Supply. Dims down 7% with an ELV dimmer or a 0-10 volt dimmer when two additional wires are connected to the dimmer. The enclosure provides a space inside for electrical connections. In-Wall Power Supply Kit includes power supply, box cover and stud hangers for installing Junction Box in wall. Power Supply features short circuit and overload and over temperature protection. Indoor applications only.

Applications: Indoor*
* To avoid overheating the power supply, install it in a ventilated remote location where air flows. Maintain proper spacing among power supplies when multiple power supplies are installed in the same remote location.

Surface mounted with conduit access

Power Input:
120-277 volts AC, 50/60Hz

Power Output:
Class 2; 24 volts DC 4A, 96 watts maximum


Power Factor:

PSB-96W-UNI-24VDC: 12.4" x 3.12" x 2.18"
PSB-96W-UNI-24VDC-IW: 14.25" x 5.1" x 2.1"

Ambient Operating Temperature:
-25C to 40C

ELV Dimmer Type:
Legrand: Adorne ADTP703TU
Lutron: Diva DVELV-300P, Skylark SELV-300P,
Maestro MAELV-600 and Radio RA 2

0-10 Dimmer Type:
Lutron: Radio RA2 (with GRX-TVI), Grafik Eye Qs (with GRX-TVI),
Diva (with PP20); Nova T
Philips: Sunrise SR1200ZTUNV
Leviton: IP710-DL

Dimming Curve:
Linear, Logarithmic 100% - 7% (HydraDrive)

Ordering Code

Product   Wattage   Dimming   Voltage   Option
PSB - 96W - UNI - 24VDC - Standard
(Leave Blank)
PSB Power Supply
with Enclosure Box
  96W 96 Watt   UNI Universal Power Supply   24VDC 24 Volt DC   IW In-Wall Kit
(14.25" x 5.1" x 2.1")

The Solid State Constant Voltage Uni-Power Supply is compatible with most commercially available Dimmers:
Triac Dimmer : (Forward Phase) Typically used for the dimming of Incandescent and Low Voltage Magnetic Transformers
ELV Dimmer : (Reverse Phase) Dimming of Electronic Low Voltage Transformers and Power Supply’s used for LED lighting
0-10 Dimmer : Dims the Low Voltage side of a 0-10 volt power supply commonly used in large scale lighting or commercial applications.

The Uni-Power Supply is NOT compatible with Pure Edge Warm Dim Soft Strip. Please use Pure Edge 0-10 Volt or Pure Edge ELV power supplies
for that application.

The Uni-Power Supply is recommended with any Siemens/Murray brand of arc fault breaker to overcome the issues with tripping the breakers
with an ELV LED Low Voltage Drivers.