Pipeline® Track Stem Mounted Straight Run 24VDC - With Remote Power Ceiling / Wall / Table Mount, Equal Length Segments

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The Pipeline Stem Adjustable Track Fixture can mount on the ceiling or wall. Available up to 80 feet it features a patented design that allows it to swivel 360°. Power from end or center feed. The precision engineered hardware offers a sleek slender appearance.

Fixture Specifications


Voltage: 120/277VAC - 24VDC
Remote Power Supply: Power Up to 60ft away
Dimming: 0-10 dimming only
1st quarter 2020
UNI-Driver -ELV, Triac, 0-10
Lutron Ecosystem® , DMX
Track Bus Bar: 10 Gauge copper up to 200 watts before re-feeding
Class Rating 100 watts Class 2, 200 watts wires in conduit from remote power supply to JBox UL 2108
Wattage: 200 Watts max with end feed
400 Watts max with center feed


Diameter: 1.3125"
Type: Wall, Ceiling, and Table Top Mounted
Increments: Up to 76" per linear section
(see page 3-4 for exact length)
Material: High Grade Aluminum extrusion, 10 gauge
copper wire, Rigged Aluminum Stem

Lumen Performance Tubo Track Head (Sold Separately):

Color Temperature: 3000K
Input Voltage: 24VDC
Wattage: 12.5
Total Lumens: 1148
Lumens Per Watt: 91
CRI: 91
R9: 49
R13: 91
RF: 90.7
RG: 99


Manufactured in America


US Patent Issued

Ordering Code

System   Canopy Size and Type   Stem Length   Overall Length in Inches   Finish
PT - 2R - 14 - 300 - SN
PT Pipeline 24VDC Track
with Stem Mount

Track Power supply only
available in Non Dim or
0-10V until first quarter
  2R 2.6" Round Canopy
4R 4.6" Round Canopy
TP Table mount Power
feed through 2" RD
  6 6" Stem from Wall or Ceiling
10 10" Stem from Wall or Ceiling
14 14" Stem from Wall or Ceiling
24* 24" Stem from Wall or Ceiling
48* 48" Stem from Wall or Ce
XX Custom Stem Length up to 96"
*For wall mount add accessory PC-CL-BK Pipeline
Cantilever for stems over 14" see page 2
  15-975 15" - 975"

See Pages 2 for length chart
  BK Satin Black
WH White
XX Custom,
please specify