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Pipeline 1 Pix Sticks MIYO With Remote Power, Design Your Own Static White, Warm Dim & Dynamic/Tunable White

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Pipeline MIYO Pix Sticks unites the seamless design and power of the Pipeline family of linear channels paired with the customization of our MIYO (Make It Your Own) System, allowing you to be the lighting designer. Available in six standard lengths from 39"- 96", two wattage options (5W + 7W) and several fine metal finishes. Pix Stix is offered in ten standard color temperatures from 22K-57K, including warm dim 27D or 30D that dim down to 2000K and the latest in LED technology; Dynamic Tunable White (2K4K) which allows you to control the brightness and color temperatures independently. Each channel can be ordered with 12' or 22' of adjustable aircraft cable to accommodate large-scale spaces. Remote 24VDC Power Supply (is required and sold separately). For custom finishes, designs and layout assistance, email our design team:

Remote Power Supplies*, Dimmers & Controls (Sold Separately):

  • UNI Driver: Universal Dimming (TRIAC, ELV, 0-10V) with corresponding dimmer
  • DMX: Dynamic Color Changing In-Wall Mounting
  • Lutron Hi-Lume®
  • *In-Wall Mounting Kits available for select power supplies
    **Dynamic/Tunable White - Requires two dimmers (one for 2000K and one for 4000K) or use our proprietary Tunable White Controller CDMX-1


Create your own, Mix & Match lengths or keep them all the same

  • Configurations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9-light compositions
  • Length Options: 39"- 96" per channel
  • Color Temperatures: 2200K-5700K, Warm Dim - (27D, 30D) and Dynamic Tunable White (2K4K)
  • High CRI: Up to 95+
  • Diffused White lens with 176° beam spread
  • Wattage Options: 5 and 7 Watts per foot
  • Lumen Output: Up to 753 lm/ft @30K
  • Finishes: Satin Black, Chrome, Satin Nickel, White and Satin Brass with Black or White End Caps
  • Installation: Fixture is suspended from a singular canopy, no additional support required
  • 12' or 22' of adjustable aircraft cable (two per channel)
  • Remote Power Supply

Designed for indoor use only. Ideal applications include Residential, Commercial, Retail, and Hospitality Environments

Damp Location, Class 2 wiring, ETL Listed, Title 24 with Universal Power Supply. Made in America

Assembled in America


Canopy Ordering Code

Canopy   Finish
GJR-12RD-4P - SN
GJR-12RD-4P 12 inch round 4 port canopy
GJR-12RD-6P 12 inch round 6 port canopy
GJR-12RD-8P 12 inch round 8 port canopy
GJR-12RD-10P 12 inch round 10 port canopy
GJR-16RD-12P 16 inch round 12 port canopy
GJR-16RD-14P 16 inch round 14 port canopy
GJR-16RD-18P 16 inch round 18 port canopy
  BK Satin Black
CH Chrome
SN Satin Nickel
WH White

Fixture Ordering Code

System   Wattage
Per Foot
  Fixture Power Feed   Size In Inches
(Per Channel)
  Color Temperature   Finish
P1SD - 5W - C8Z12 - 39 - 30D - SN
P1SD Pipeline 1 Suspension, Diffused
Lens without Louver
P1SDW Pipeline 1 Suspension, Diffused
Lens with White Louver
P1SDB Pipeline 1 Suspension, Diffused
Lens with Black Louver
  5W 5 Watt
7W 7.3 Watt
  C8Z12 12' Adjustable Coaxial
Cables (two per channel)
C8Z22 22' Adjustable Coaxial
Cables (two per channel)

*Maximum shipping
length for Chrome
is 84"
Custom Lengths
  22K 2200K
24K 2400K
27K 2700K
27D 2700K Warm Dim*
30K 3000K
30D 3000K Warm Dim*
35K 3500K
40K 4000K
57K 5700K
2K4K 2000K-4000K*
*5W Only
  BK Satin Black
CH Chrome
SN Satin Nickel
WH White
BB Satin Brass with
Black End Caps
BW Satin Brass with
White End Caps