Nova Large Down Miyo (Make It Your Own) Y LED Suspension With Power

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The Nova Large Down MIYO (Make-It-Your-Own) Y LED Suspension is a combination of clean, linear channels that reflect a distinct geometric design that has an industrial edge and contemporary appeal. Two dimmers are required for Tunable White (2K4K), use one dimmer for 2000K and one for 4000K. The linear channel is available in 5 or 7 watts per foot and features a diffused flat, milky white (no LED spots) lens with 100° beam spread. Personalize your Light fixture with 5 finishes to choose from, nominal lengths of 18" to 120", 10 LED color temperatures including Warm Dim and Tunable White. All of these options allow you to become the fixture designer for your unique space.


Satin Nickel
Satin Brass
Satin Nickel Wires and Connectors Black Wires and Connectors


  • Down Light - Diffused White Lens with 100° beam spread

Designed for indoor use only. Ideal environments include: conference rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, architectural lighting, general lighting, and retail


  • Choose from 10 color temperatures from 2200K-5700K including Warm Dim and Tunable White
  • Warm Dim (optional): 2700K to 2000K (27D) or 3000K to 2000K (30D)
  • Tunable White (optional): 2000K-4000K
  • 50,000 Hour Lamp Life

Power Supply (Included in canopy)

  • 120V input, 24VDC Class 2 output; Electronic Low Voltage LED power supply


  • Dimmable with ELV dimmer: Legrand, Adorne ADTP703TU;
    Lutron: Diva DVELV-300P, Skylark SELV-300P, Maestro MAELV-600 and Radio Ra 2


Ordering Code

System   Type   Wattage Per Foot   Canopy   Nominal Size (B)   Color Temperature   Finish
NSUDP - Y - 5W - C - 18 - 22K - SN
NSLDP Nova Large Down MIYO Diffused lens, Power
NSLDWP Nova Large Down MIYO Diffused lens, White Louver with Power
NSLDBP Nova Large Down MIYO Diffused lens, Black Louver with Power
  Y Y Channel Design   5W 5 Watts Tunable White & Warm Dim
7W 7.5 Watts Cold Dim
  C Center   22K through 57K Sizes:
19, 24, 28, 32, 36, 44, 57, 69, 82, 94,
107, 119, 132, 144, 157

27D, 30D Warm Dim Sizes:
18, 24, 29, 34, 44, 60, 70, 81, 96,
112, 128, 138

*See length chart for exact dimensions (pg. 4)
  22K 2200K Amber White
24K 2400K Very Warm White
27K 2700K Incandescent White
27D 2700K Warm Dim (5W only)
30K 3000K Warm White
30D 3000K Warm Dim (5W only)
35K 3500K Neutral White
40K 4000K Cool White
57K 5700K Daylight White
2K4K 2000K-4000K Tunable White (5W only)
  SN Satin Nickel
BK Black
WH White
CH Chrome
SB Satin Brass