Nova Ceiling / Wall BIY Downlight 24VDC Build-It-Yourself Lighting System

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Nova Ceiling/Wall BIY (Build-It-Yourself) LED Lighting System, gives the Designer/ Homeowner, the tools and ability to create simple or complex light channel configurations, using Preformed Components and Connectors which simplifies the installation process. Wattage options: 2.5WDC, 5WDC, 6WDC, 7WDC, 10WDC. Lumens per-foot values of up to 910 Lumens at 10W. CRI Values of 95+. Universal, ELV, 0-10V, Lutron Hi-lume® and DMX power supplies are offered. Input Voltage 120- 277V output voltage 24VDC. ETL Listed. Pro-Rated 5 Year Warranty included.

Indoor damp or dry locations only. General illumination and architectural accent at top of ceiling for room wrapping or wall to ceiling for Kitchens, Offices, Hospitality, Retail, and Residences

The average LED Life is 50,000 hours.

Lumen values are based on the 3000K LED test

Room Wrapping Design Note:
Nova Ceiling/Wall can be installed on a horizontal single surface around the perimeter of a room, or on a wall vertical plane turning and continuing across the ceiling. Add BIY Pre-Formed Components to create desired Room Wrapping Installations.

Room Wrapping is the style of installation in which the electrician may miter-cut 45┬░ inside and outside angles in the field. The LED Soft Strip is installed flat on the back of the channel and bends within inside or outside corners for seamless light across surfaces.

Pre-Formed Components:
Channel and Lens, Power and Non-Power End Caps, and Channel Joiner

Assembled in America


24VDC 0-10V Power Supply (Sold Separately):
PSB-25W-010-24VDC 25 Watt 24 Volt DC Power Supply
PSB-60W-010-24VDC 60 Watt 24 Volt DC Power Supply
PSB-96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 96 watt output
PSB-2X96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 2x96 watt output
PSB-3X96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 3x96 watt output
PSB-4X96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 4x96 watt output
PSB-4X96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 4x96 watt output
PSB-200W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 200W watt output
24VDC 0-10V Power Supply Comparison Chart
24VDC ELV Power Supply (Sold Separately):
PS-60L-ELV-24VDC 60 Watt 24 Volt DC Power Supply
PSB-60W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 60 watt output
PSB-2X60W-ELV-24VDC 2x60 Watt 24 Volt DC Power Supply
PSB-100W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 96 watt output
PSB-2X100W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 2x96 watt output
PSB-3X100W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 3x96 watt output
PSB-4X100W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 4x96 watt output
24V ELV Power Supply Comparison Chart

Remote Power Supplies*, Dimmers & Controls (Sold Separately):

  • Triac: Dimming using Uni driver power supply
  • Electronic Low Voltage Dimming (ELV)
  • 0-10 Volt Dimming (0-10V)
  • Lutron Hi-lume®
  • DMX: Dynamic Color
  • *In-Wall Mounting Kits available for select power supplies