Nova Ceiling Surface Linear Downlight With Remote Power, Dynamic/Tunable White

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The Nova Ceiling Linear Downlight with Remote 24VDC Power and Dynamic Tunable White is a linear LED fixture that offers direct light in a clean, contemporary style. Using the latest in LED Technology Dynamic/Tunable White, you have full control over the color temperature from 2000K (Sunset) to 4000K (Cool White) and the ability to regulate the level of brightness independently. Use with two dimmers, Lutron Hi-Lume® or our proprietary Tunable White Controller for fast and accurate adjustment with three preset scenes CDMX-1 (Ordered separately). Support health, performance, and overall well-being using Human-Centric lighting by fine-tuning the biological effects that light has on the circadian cycle. The Nova Ceiling Down-light offers multiple power and mounting options. The 4.6" Floating Square Canopy mounts to a standard square junction box anywhere along the length of the fixture. The 1" Rectangle (1RE) J-Box (included) offers a power connection option that is hidden for a more streamlined look. Components included with the system; 8' Power Cable, 1/2" ceiling mounted standoffs provided every 2' for fixture support at the ceiling. Lengths range from 36" to 240" in several metal finishes. The Nova ceiling downlight is available with a 100° Beam Spread Diffused White Lens or a Clear Frosted 60° Lens and an optional Black or White Louver for additional diffusion. *Remote Power Supplies are Required and Sold Separately. Fixture includes 5 year pro-rated warranty. For Custom designs, layout assistance and quotes, email our Design Team:


  • 5W - 5 watts per foot, Lengths up to 240" (20')
  • 10W - 10 watts per foot, Lengths up to 120" (10')


  • Mounts to a Standard Junction Box from a Remote Power Supply feeding 24VDC up to 100 Watts at a maximum of 40' away
  • Includes your choice of Canopy: 1" Rectangle Junction Box or 4.6" Square Canopy or T-Bar end feed
  • Includes Mounting Clips (use one every 24")
  • Power Supplies sold separately



  • Diffused White 100° Lens or Clear Frosted 60° Lens, both offered with Black or White Louvers


  • Tunable White: 2000K-4000K (2K4K) allows you to choose any color temperature from 2000K (sunset) to 4000K (cool white) and Dim to any level of Brightness independently
  • Power Consumed: 5 and 10 watts per foot
  • 60,000 Hour Lamp Life

Designed for indoor use only. Ideal applications in Commercial, Retail, Residential, Hospitality, Education, and Healthcare Institutions.

Damp Location, ETL Listed, Class 2 wiring, Title 24 with Universal Power Supply, 0-10V or Lutron power supplies, Made in America

Remote Power Supplies* & Dimmers (Sold Separately)

  • UNI Driver: Universal Dimming (TRIAC, ELV, 0-10V) with corresponding dimmer Class 2. Requires Two power supplies, one for 2000K and one for 4000K.
  • DMX: Dynamic Color Changing Controller CDMX1 - Only one power supply required
  • Lutron Hi-lume®
  • *In-Wall Mounting Kits available for select power supplies
    **Dynamic/Tunable White - Requires two dimmers (one for 2000K and one for 4000K) or use our proprietary Tunable White Controller CDMX-1

Universal Power Supplies, Dynamic Tunable White Technnology (Sold Separately):
Universal Power Supply Comparison Chart
PSB-2X40W-UNI-24VDC (2X40W output, 120-277VAC input)
PSB-2X60W-UNI-24VDC (2X60W output, 120-277VAC input)
PSB-2X96W-UNI-24VDC-IW (2X96W output, 120-277VAC input)
PSB-4X96W-UNI-24VDC (4X96W output, 120-277VAC input)

24VDC Dynamic Color Changing (DMX) 2XK Tunable White Compatible Power Supplies (Sold Separately):
24VDC DMX 2XK Tunable White Compatible Power Supply Comparison Chart
PSB-100W-24VDC-2XK (100W output, 120-277V input)
PSB-2X100W-24VDC-2XK (2x100W output, 120-277V input)
PSB-3X100W-24VDC-2XK (3x100W output, 120-277V input)
PSB-4X100W-24VDC-2XK (4x100W output, 120-277V input)

Lutron HI-LUME® Premier Power Supply (Sold Separately):
Lutron HI-LUME® Premier Power Supply Comparison Chart
L3D0-96W24V-U (96W output, 120-277VAC input)
2-Wire Ecosystem, LTEA4U1UKL-CV240 (5W-40W output, 120-277VAC input)
3-Wire Ecosystem, L3DA4U1UKL-CV240 (5W-40W output, 120-277VAC input)

Assembled in America


Ordering Code

System   Wattage Per Foot   Canopy   Nominal Size   Color Temperature   Finish
NCD - 5W - 1RE - 240 - 2K4K - SN
NCD Nova Ceiling Diffused White 100° Lens
NCDW Nova Ceiling Diffused White 100° Lens with White Louver
NCDB Nova Ceiling Diffused White 100° Lens with Black Louver
NCCW Nova Ceiling Clear Frosted 60° Lens with White Louver
NCCB Nova Ceiling Clear Frosted 60° Lens with Black Louver
  5W 4.4 watts - 240"
(20ft.) max length
10W 9.6 watts - 120"
(10ft.) max length
  1R 1" Rectangle with Junction Box
4SQ 4" Square Split
TBA Clips with 2ft plenum power feed, use for 15/16" or 9/16" Wide T-Bar Flush mounted ceiling panels
TBB Clips with 2ft plenum power feed, use for 15/16" or 9/16" wide T-Bar with ceiling panel 3/8" below grid
TBE Clips with 2ft plenum power feed, use for 9/16" wide Slotted T-Bar
36-240 Order in various increments from 36
inches to 240 inches

*Maximum shipping length for chrome is 84"
**Maximum overall shipping length is 120"
***See length chart for exact dimensions
(pg. 3-4)
  2K4K 2000K-4000K
  BK Satin Black
CH Chrome
SN Satin Nickel
WH White