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The self-locking directional Vespa snaps easily onto Monorail, functioning with an MR16 halogen or MR16 12VAC LED lamp with S2, S7 or no shade. The fixture tilts 170° horizontally and vertically, accommodates shades and optical accessories with louver lens holder.

System Compatibility:
Monorail (M)

1.35" (3.4cm)

Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel or Antique Bronze

Lamp Specification:
Maximum 75 watt MR16 GU5.3 base - 12 or 24 volt
LED MR16-12VAC (compatible with no shade, S2 or S7 mesh shade, sold separately)

Optional Shade Accessories (sold separately):
S1 – Little Solid Shade, S2 – Little Mesh Shade, S3 – Round Glass Shade, S6 – Solid Back Shade, S7 – Mesh Back Shade or LH16 – Louver Lens Holder

Optical Accessories (sold separately):
Hexcell Louver, Glass Lenses or Snoot

.10 lb (.05 kg)


Limited Quantities Available. Please call for more information.

Ordering Code

System   Fixture   Finish  
Accessory - Glass Color* - Finish
M - VES - SN - S3 - AM - SN
M Monorail   VES Vespa   SN Satin Nickel
PN Polished Nickel
BZ Antique Bronze
S1 Little Solid Shade
S2 Little Mesh Shade
S3 Round Glass Shade
S6 Solid Back Shade
S7 Mesh Back Shade
LH16 Lens Holder
  AM Amber
WH White
* Leave Blank
for S1, S2, S6, S7
and LH16
    SN Satin Nickel
(S1, S2, S3, S6, LH16)
BZ Antique Bronze
BK Black
(S1, S2, S6, S7, LH16)