300W/12V Electronic Remote Transformer


Remote Transformer 300W 12V Electronic
Remote single feed 300 watt electronic transformer converts standard 120 volt line voltage to 300 watt 12 volt output. To be mounted in an accessible location. Consult Low Voltage Wire Size Chart for proper gauge wire to be used between remote transformer and power feed. Power feed or power feed canopy required, sold separately.

With 600 watt low voltage electronic dimmer *LEDs are not dimmable with this transformer

Mounting Requirements:
Must be in accessible location

1.5 lb (.67 kg)

Compatible Power Feed Canopies:
View spec sheet for complete list

This product is no longer available.


Ordering Code

TEB - 300 - 12
TEB Transformer Electronic in Box   300 300 Watt   12 12 Volt