600W/12V Dual Feed Magnetic Remote Mount Transformer

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The 600 Watt 12 Volt Magnetic Remote Mount transformers convert line voltage into 12 volt power and are protected by fast-acting circuit breakers. The safe-to-touch low voltage output powers a Monorail system totaling 600 watts including two isolated 300 watt runs using 12 volt lamps. A 600 watt, 12 volt dual feed transformer should be used with a dual feed power canopy. All 12 volt remote magnetic transformers are LED compatible with 12 volt AC LEDs.

Power Input:
120 volts AC 2.5 Amp
230 volt AC 1.3 Amp
277 volt AC 1.1 Amp

Power Output:
(2x) 12 volts AC 300 watt 25 Amp

Remote magnetic transformers must be installed in an accessible location, such as an attic or in a closet, up to 20 feet from the dual power feed canopy. Plug in version available.

Halogen: 1000 Watt Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer. Compatible dimmer is connected on the line voltage side of transformers. Some buzzing may occur at low levels and may be reduced with a de-buzzing coil.

9.5"(L) x 6"(D) x 4.75"(H)
(24.13cm x 15.24cm x 12cm)

8.41 lb (3.81 kg)


Ordering Code

T - 600-D12 - Standard 120V
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T Remote Transformer   600-D12 600 Watt 12 Volt Dual Feed   2 230V 50Hz
3 277V 60Hz
P Plug-In

Low Voltage Feed Wire Size Chart
To determine the correct THHN wire sizes for a recommended 3% or less drop in voltage for each circuit based on the specified wattage. Lengths are the distance from the remote transformer to the system power feed connector, or power supply.

12 VOLT 5 ft. 6-15 ft. 16-20 ft. 21-40 ft.
300 watt #10 GA #6 GA #4 GA #1 GA