150W/12V Magnetic Remote Mount Transformer

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150 watt remote mount magnetic transformer converts line voltage input to low voltage 12 volt output for powering Monorail, Cable Lite or Fast Jack low voltage lighting system. Power feed or power feed canopy required, sold separately. Protected by fast acting secondary circuit breaker.

The remote mount transformer must be installed in an accessible location (such as an attic or in a closet). To prevent voltage drop it is best to keep transformer within 20 ft of power canopy/junction box. The electrician must supply the correct gauge wire from the transformer to the power feed/junction box location based on the length of conductor. See Low Voltage Wire Size Chart.

A 450 watt magnetic low voltage dimmer must be used when dimming is desired. The dimmer is powered on the line voltage side of the transformer. Some buzzing may occur on low levels and may be reduced with a dimming de-buzzing coil (TDB-150), sold separately.

8.41 lb (3.81 kg)

Compatible Power Feed Canopies:
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