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150W/12V Recessed Mount Electronic Transformer


Monorail single-feed recessed can mount 150 watt electronic transformer converts line voltage to 12 volts. The transformer mounts into any recessed can with a 6-6 1/2 inch opening and ā€œCā€ brackets in the inside walls. It runs Monorail sections 1" from the ceiling.

With low voltage electronic dimmer

General Requirements:
1" Standoff is used with the surface mount transformer. Not extendable.

Mounting Requirements:
Maximum 150 watt, 12 volt load

Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel or Antique Bronze.
White Canopy finish on all.

Compatible Accessories or Finished Items:
Reccessed can transformer can be used with: Juno IC2, TC2, & TC2R; HALO H7T & H7RT; Cooper Lighting H27RT, Capri (Thom as) Lighting PR75ASIC/ TPR75ASIC/DY6431; Progress Lighting P7Tg, P8Tg, & PIO8-Tg cans. Edge Lighting is not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the companies listed above.

2 lb (.9 kg)

Patent Pending


System   Type   Power Type   Output Type   Canopy Finish   Finish   Input Type
MTE - RC - 150 - 12 - WH - SN - Standard 120V
(leave blank)
MTE Monorail Surface
Mount Electronic
  RC Recessed Can   150 Watt   12 12 Volt
Single Feed
  WH White   SN Satin Nickel
PN Polished Nickel
BZ Antique Bronze
  2 230 Volt