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Millwork Calculator

Light Channel Calculator Tool

To determine which length to order for your project, use the calculator below. Enter the determined length then click on the Calculate button. The calculator will automatically populate the fixture length details. To learn more about the associated lengths, hover your mouse over the question mark.

Enter standard Length Number*
*VALID LENGTH: 12.0 - 120.0
Rounded Standard Length
  Lens and Illuminated End Caps Length
(Overall Length not Considering the Cord)
  Lens Length
  Overall Length (Considering the Cord Grip
and Cord Over Mold Where Cord Starts to Bend)

Surface Mount Light Channel, 24VDC, 2.3W Premium (80+CRI)
or 2.5W Commercial (85+ or 95+CRI)

Select your options to generate your ordering code

Product   Voltage   Length in Inches   Lens/Color Temperature   Finish   Options
- - - - -
Light Channel Surface Mount
Light Channel Surface Mount Commercial
24 Volt DC
  12-120 Order in 12 inch
increments up
to 120 inches
May be ordered
in 3, 5, 8 or 10 inch increments
  D Diffuser Lens
C Clear Lens
  AW 2400K Amber White (LCSMC only)
VW 2700K Very Warm White (LCSMC only)
WW 3000K Warm White
NW 3500K Neutral White (LCMWC only)
CW 4000K Cool White (LCSMC only)
DW 5700K Daylight White (LCSMC only)
  SA Satin Aluminum
Custom Finishes Available
  Standard (Leave blank)
W Wet Location