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Millwork Accessories


Flexible Connectors

Available in 3, 6, 12, 36, 96 and 144-inch versions, Light Channel flexible connectors link two sections end-to-end.

Ordering Code

Product   Type   Size
LC - CFX - 3IN
LC Light Channel   CFX Flexible Connector   3IN 3 Inches
6IN 6 Inches
12IN 12 Inches
36IN 36 Inches
96IN 96 Inches
144IN 144 Inches


Flexible T-Connector

The 3 inch T-Connector links two sections of Soft Strip (inside channel) end-to-end.

Ordering Code

Product   Type   Size
SS Soft Strip   CFXT Flexible T Connector   3IN 3 Inches


Canopy Cover & Splice Box

Use for remote located power supply. The 3 inch rectangle or 4 inch round white canopy covers the electrical box and feeds wires for Light Channel. The Splice Box provides a safe enclosure for low voltage connections.

Ordering Code

Product   Finish
3RE - WH
3RE 3 Inch Rectangle Canopy Cover
4RD 4 Inch Round Canopy Cover
1RB 1 Inch Rectangle Splice Box
  WH White


Light Channel Millwork Spring Clips

Light Channel Millwork includes 4 Spring Clips with every foot of channel (also sold separately).

Ordering Code

Product   Type
LCMW Light Channel Millwork   SC Spring Clip


Light Channel Millwork End Cap (included)

Light Channel Millwork End Caps attach to end of channel. These end caps are provided with Millwork channel.

Ordering Code

Product   Type
LCMW Light Channel Millwork   EC End Cap