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Surface Mount & Wall Grazer Accessories


Flexible Connectors

Available in 3, 6, 12, 36, 96 and 144-inch versions, Light Channel flexible connectors link two sections end-to-end.

Ordering Code

Product   Type   Size   Color Temperature
LC - CFX - 3IN - White (leave blank)
LC Light Channel   CFX Flexible
  3IN 3 Inches
6IN 6 Inches
12IN 12 Inches
36IN 36 Inches
96IN 96 Inches
144IN 144 Inches
  RGB Red, Green & Blue


Flexible T-Connector

The 3 inch T-Connector links two sections of Soft Strip (inside channel) end-to-end.

Ordering Code

Product   Type   Size
SS Soft Strip   CFXT Flexible T Connector   3IN 3 Inches


Canopy Cover & Splice Box

Use for remote located power supply. The 3 inch rectangle or 4 inch round white canopy covers the electrical box and feeds wires for Light Channel. The Splice Box provides a safe enclosure for low voltage connections.

Ordering Code

Product   Finish
3RE - WH
3RE 3 Inch Rectangle Canopy Cover
4RD 4 Inch Round Canopy Cover
1RB 1 Inch Rectangle Splice Box
  WH White


Mounting Clips (included)

Light Channel comes with standard mounting clips. LC-MCL mounting clips are provided with every two feet of Light Channel. The LC-MCL-075 rotates Light Channel up to 75 degrees. LC-MCL-90 mounts Light Channel at a 90 degree angle.

Ordering Code

Product   Type   Options
LC - MCL - Standard
(Leave Blank)
LC Light Channel   MCL Mounting Clip   075 Adjusts 0-75°
90 Adjusts 90°