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Lazer Line Lighting System DIY Suspended LED Lighting System, 24VDC - Remote Power Supply

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Lazer Line 1/2" wide aluminum tape is a Direct and/or Indirect LED Lighting System that provides general illumination for architectural applications. Turnbuckles and anchors can be mounted wall to wall or ceiling to floor or ceiling to wall. Turnbuckles allow Lazer Line to be positioned 0-60ยบ relative to the mounting surface, creating a 3-dimensional look that is as functional as it is visually interesting. Feed power from one or both ends for longer lengths. Mounts to standard 4" square junction box with round plaster ring, Paint canopy to blend into the surface for a seamless look. For compact shipment and storage, Lazer Line coils like a retractable tape measure. When uncoiled, Lazer Line becomes a 0.5" wide channel that spans opposing surfaces. The field-cuttable channel allows continual lengths up to 60' with power feeds at each end. Includes a 5 year pro-rated warranty. For custom designs and quotes, send drawings to:

Designed for indoor use only. Wherever direct and indirect light sources can be used such as offices, hallways, hotels, restaurants and retail environments.

ETL, Class 2, Damp Rated, RoHS

Maximum Lengths

  • Single Strip: 3W-60' 5W-40' with two power feeds at both ends
  • Dual Strips: 6W-30' 10W-20' with two power feeds at both ends

Power Consumption

  • Single Strip: 3 or 5 watts per foot
  • Dual Strips: 6 (3W up + 3W down) or 10 W/ft (5W up + 5W down)

Remote Power Supplies*, Dimmers & Controls
(Sold Separately)

  • Universal Dimming: Universal Dimming (TRIAC, ELV, 0-10V) with corresponding dimmer
  • Electronic Low Voltage: ELV dimming with ELV power supply in J-box or Remote located
  • 0-10V Dimming: 0-10V dimming with 0-10V remote power supplies
  • Color Changing with DMX 512 Dimming Protocol
  • TRIAC Dimming: Single Pole Dual Dimming with dual remote universal power supplies with Lutron skylark controller (sold separately Tunable White Only)

Power Feed & Non-Power Feed Turnbuckles
(Sold Separately)
Turnbuckles support Lazer Line on any angle from 0-60 degrees, feed power from one end and mount to a standard 4" square electrical junction box with round plaster ring. Turnbuckles may be reversed and mounted (opposite the power feed) to a ceiling, wall or floor.

Lazer Line Standoff (Sold Separately)
The field-cuttable 24" long standoff provides additional mounting options on opposing wall, ceiling or floor surfaces. Stem may be cut down to 4".

Assembled in America


US Patent Issued

Ordering Codes

Lazer Line Turnbuckle

Product   Finish
LLT Lazer Line Turnbuckle
LLT-2RE Lazer Line Turnbuckle 2" Rectangle Junction Box
*Sold in Pairs
  SA Satin Aluminum
WH White

Aluminum Tape

Product   Length
in Feet
LZ.5 - 1-60 - SA
LZ.5 Lazer Line 0.5" wide Aluminum Tape Only

*Sold by the foot
  1-60 1-60 Feet   SA Satin Aluminum

LS3, LS5 White LED Lazer Strip

Product   Type   Voltage   Length in Feet   Color Temperature
LS3 - 4PIN - 24V - 30 - 27KZ
LS3 3W LED Lazer Strip
3.3 Watts/ft up to 60 ft
(power feeds at both ends 2X30)
LS5 5W LED Lazer Strip
4.4 Watts/ft up to 40 ft
(power feeds at both ends 2X20)

Power Feeds at one end:
3W Max length: 30ft
5W Max length: 20ft
  4PIN 4 Pin
  24V 24 Volt   1-30 1-30
1-20 1-20
  24KZ 2400K Very Warm White
27KZ 2700K White
27D 2700K Warm Dim (5W)*
30KZ 3000K Warm White
30D 3000K Warm Dim (5W)*
35KZ 3500K Neutral White
40KZ 4000K Cool White
RZ Red
BZ Blue
GZ Green
AZ Amber
2K6K Tunable White
RGB Red, Green and Blue

*Use as Indirect (Uplight) Only

PL5C RGB LED Soft Strip

System   Type   Voltage   Length in Feet   Color Temperature
PL6C - 5PIN - 24V - 16 - RGB
Soft Strip
  5PIN 5 Pin Connector   24V 24 Volt   1-16 1' increments
up to 16'
  RGBW Red, Green and Blue

Flexible Connector

Product   Type   Size
SS - CFX - 3IN
SS Soft Strip   CFX Flexible Connector   3IN 3 inches
6IN 6 inches
12IN 12 inches
36IN 36 inches
96IN 96 inches
144IN 144 inches

Power Feed Connector Cord (RGB & 2K6K Order Separately)

Product   Type   Size   Color Temperature
SS - PFE - 6FT - RGB
SS Soft Strip   PFE Power Feed Connector Cord   6FT 6 Foot
12FT 12 Foot
  RGB Red, Green and Blue

Soft Strip Power Tape Connector

Product   Type   Size
SS - CPT - 3IN
SS Soft Strip   CPT Power Tape Connector   3IN 3 inches
6IN 6 inches
12IN 12 inches

Extra Pin Connectors

System   Voltage   Color Temperature
SS Soft Strip   FE Female Connector
ML Male Connector
  CON Connector White

Soft Line Standoff

System   Length   Finish
SLS - 24 - SA
SLS Soft Line Standoff   24 24" - Cut to Length At Job Site   SA Satin Aluminum