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Lazer Line Direct Or Direct/Indirect Suspended LED Lighting System, 24VDC - Remote Power

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An original, ground-breaking product design from PureEdge Lighting - backed by over 30 years of precision manufacturing.

Lazer Line 1/2" wide aluminum tape is a Direct and/or Indirect LED Lighting System that provides general illumination in architectural applications. The turnbuckles can be mounted wall to wall, ceiling to floor, or ceiling to wall. The turnbuckles allow Lazer Line to be positioned 0-60° relative to the mounting surface, creating a 3-dimensional appearance that is as functional as it is visually interesting. Mounts to standard 4" square junction box with round plaster ring, Paint canopy to blend into wall for a seamless look. For compact shipment and storage, Lazer Line coils like a retractable tape measure. When uncoiled, Lazer Line becomes a 0.5 inch wide, channel that spans opposing surfaces. The channel is easily cut in the field. For longer runs, feed power from both ends.

Designed for indoor use only. Wherever direct and indirect light sources can be used such as offices, hallways, hotels, restaurants and retail environments.

Lumen Performance At 3000K 5W Per Foot
(Refer to page 2 for full lumen data)

LUMEN OUTPUT 369 lm/ft
CRI 93+
R9 69
Rf 91
Rg 99


INPUT VOLTAGE 24VDC remote power
LZUD: 6W (3W up + 3W down) or 10 W/ft (5W up + 5W down)
LZUD: 6W-30' 10W-20' with power feeds at both ends
MOUNTING Semi-recessed, Flush mount adjustable turnbuckles included
FINISH Clamp Assembly: White Powder Coat or Satin Aluminum
Turnbuckle: Plaster-in and Paint Plate blends into ceiling and walls for a seamless look.
OPERATING TEMP -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
LEDs/ft 168
WARRANTY 5 Year Pro-rated

Remote Power Supplies*, Dimmers & Controls
(Sold Separately)

  • Electronic Low Voltage (ELV)
  • 0-10 Volt Dimming (0-10V)
  • DMX - Dynamic Color Changing
  • Lutron Hi-Lume®
  • *In-Wall Mounting Kits available for select power supplies
    **Dynamic/Tunable White Requires two dimmers (one for each color temperature) or use our proprietary Tunable White Controller CDMX-1
    With nLight Dimming Do Not use ELV power supplies, use only 0-10 volt or Uni drivers power supplies

USA Patent, ETL, Class 2, Damp Rated, RoHS, Can be used to comply with Title 24 JA8 high efficacy light source requirements with 0-10V and Lutron power supplies.

Assembled in America


Ordering Code
Lazer Line, Single Strip Direct (Used As Up Or Down)

Product   Wattage   Length in Feet   Color Temperature   Turnbuckle Finish
LZ - 5W - 60 - 30KZ - SA
LZ Lazer Line 0.5" with single row Lazer Strip

*Diodes may be visible if used in downlight applications
  3W 3.3 Watts/ft up to 60 ft (power feeds at both ends)
5W 4.4 Watts/ft up to 40 ft (power feeds at both ends)

Power Feeds at one end:
3W max length 30ft
5W max length 20ft
  1-60 1-60 Feet   24KZ 2400K
27KZ 2700K
30KZ 3000K
35KZ 3500K
RZ Red
GZ Green
BZ Blue
AZ Amber
  SA Satin Aluminum*
WH White*

*Refers to clamp assembly
within turnbuckles

Lazer Line, Two Strips (Combined Up & Down Light)
May Be Switched Separately

Product   Wattage   Length in Feet   Down Light Color Temperature   Up Light Color Temperature (may have visible diodes)   Turnbuckle Finish
LZUD - 5W - 60 - 30KZ - 24KZ - SA
LZUD Lazer Line 0.5" with 2
Lazer Strips (Up + Down)
  6W 2x3.3 Watts/ft up to 60 ft (two power
feeds at both ends)
10W 2x4.4 Watts/ft up to 40 ft two (power
feeds at both ends

Power Feeds at one end:
6W 6W 2x3.3W max length 30ft (two
power feeds at one end)
2X5W max length 20ft
10W 10W 2x4.4W max length 20ft (two
power feeds at one end)
  1-60 1-60 Feet   24KZ 2400K Amber White
27KZ 2700K Very Warm White
30KZ 3000K Warm White
35KZ 3500K Neutral White
RZ Red
GZ Green
BZ Blue
AZ Amber
  24KZ 2400K
27KZ 2700K
30KZ 3000K
35KZ 3500K
2K4K* 2000K-4000K
Dynamic/Tunable White
27K6* 2700K-6500K
Dynamic/Tunable White
RZ Red
GZ Green
BZ Blue
AZ Amber
RGB* Red, Green and Blue

*5W, Uplight Only
  SA Satin**
WH White**

**Refers to clamp assembly
within turnbuckles