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DVR-RGB-60/200 Driver for RGB LEDs


Easy to configure direct voltage controlled driver/controllers for low power, indoor LED lighting applications. Can be integrated in a network or used as standalone devices. Controllers allow the upload of a show sequence for use in standalone mode. You can create and manage your own show sequences with the Toolbox and freely available PC software.

DMX, DALI and 0-10V dimming and color control. 3-button user interface with LCD display. The easy to navigate menu allows you to set parameters such as the number of channels, DMX or DALI settings for network mode and show, color, dim values for stand alone operation. Lock the driver's configuration and perform a test run of the connected LED groups.


Power Capacity:
12 or 24 volts DC input
1.67A per channel (60W; 12VDC or 120W 24VDC)
6A per channel (200W; 12VDC or 400W 24VDC)

Input Signal:
USITT DMX512A, DALI, 0-10V (DALI only for 400W version)

8 or 16 bit dimming. 3 DMX channels used for 8 bit mode
6 DMX channels used for 16 bit mode

Output Signals:
DALI (only for 400W version)


Ordering Code

Product Mode Wattage
DVR - RGB - 60
DVR Driver for LEDs RGB RGB DMX three channel control 60 60 Watt 12VDC or 120W 24VDC
200 200 Watt 12VDC or 400W 24VDC