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Crystal Galaxy Suspension

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Crystal Galaxy Suspension features hanging crystals and a nickel finish. Available in 24, 31 and 39 inch versions. Krypton (K1) version uses 2 watt, 12 volt, E10 base krypton lamps. LED (L1) version uses .5 watt 2400K LED lamps. Overall height adjustable up to 78.74 inches. General light distribution.

Satin Nickel

Lamp Specification

CRYGA24-12-K1-SN 45x2W 12V E10 Krypton Lamps
CRYGA24-12-L1-SN 45x.5W 2400K LED Lamps
CRYGA31-12-K1-SN 60x2W 12V E10 Krypton Lamps
CRYGA31-12-L1-SN 60x.5W 2400K LED Lamps
CRYGA39-12-K1-SN 96x2W 12V E10 Krypton Lamps
CRYGA39-12-L1-SN 96x.5W 2400K LED Lamps

21lbs (9.5kg) - 24 Inches
28lbs (12.7kg) - 31 Inches
43lbs (19.5kg) - 39 Inches

This product is no longer available.

Ordering Code

Product   Voltage   Lamp   Finish
CRYGA24 - 12 - K1 - SN
CRYGA24 Crystal Galaxy 24" (23.6")
CRYGA31 Crystal Galaxy 31" (31.5")
CRYGA39 Crystal Galaxy 39" (39.4")
  12V 12 Volt   K1 Krypton
  SN Satin Nickel