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Controller Dial with Power Adapter


CDP is a stand alone DMX lighting controller for Edge Lighting RGB fixtures. Easy to install, the wall-mountable assembly is ideal for applications that desire a variety of effects with an easy to use interface. Multiple lighting effects can be accessed and modified with the simple-to-use rotary/push dial (no programming required). Select from a solid color or animated rainbow modes. Push the dial to turn lights on or off. Rotate the dial to adjust brightness. CDP comes ready to mount into a standard U.S. multi gang wall box. A 24VDC power adapter (included) fits discreetly inside the junction box behind the controller. It is designed for power and data connections to be hardwired directly to the back of controller. Switches are provided to disable/enable effects during installation.


Power Adapter:
24VDC @100mA (included)

Power Input:

Output Signal:

Operating Modes:
Color Selection; Dimming; Animated Rainbow with Speed Adjustment

CDP Controller Dial with Power Adapter