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Big-Shorty Uplight/Spotlight

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The BIG-Shorty yields BIG illumination in a shorty profile. The BIG-Shorty offers an adjustable floor lamp that incorporates a 12 volt LED MR16 lamp. Beam spreads come in a multitude of options including Spot, Narrow Flood, Flood, Wide-Flood and Very Wide-Flood, in order to create the perfect beam spread for any application. The BIG-shorty also offers multiple options of color temperatures and optical accessories. May also be ordered without a lamp, ordering code: BSF-MR16-12V-_ .

4.5" high x 2.36 Diameter

White, Black, or Satin Nickel

2 lb (0.9 kg)

Lamp Specification
27D - 2700K dims to 1800K Incandescent White, Sol-Light MR16, 97+ CRI comes in NF, FL, WF & VWF 8 Watt

27K - 2700K Incandescent White, Soraa MR16, 90+ CRI SP, NF, FL, WF & VWF 8 Watt

30D - 3000K dims to 1800K Warm White, Sol-Light MR16 97+ CRI comes in NF, FL, WF and VWF 8 Watt

30K - 3000K Warm White, Soraa MR16, 95+ CRI come in SP, NF, FL, WF & VWF 8 Watt

Built in plug-in LED driver. Soft start short circuit and overload protected. 10 watt max. For use with 12 volt LED MR16. Output Type Class 2.

Input: 120v AC, 0.6A 50/60Hz

Output: 12v AC, 0.08A MAX

Suitable for Dry Locations. UL Listed E364143

ELV Wall Dimmer

Assembled in America

Ordering Code

System   Lamp   Voltage   Beam Spread Lens*   Color Temperature*   Finish
BSF - MR16 - 12V - SP - 27K - WH
BSF Big Shorty Adjustable
Floor Lamp
  MR16 MR16 Lamp Shape   12V 12 Volts   SP 10° Beam 27K & 30K Only
NF 25° Beam
FL 36° Beam
WF 45° Beam with
film beam spreader
VWF 60° Beam with
film beam spreader

*Leave blank for no bulb
  27K 2700K Very Warm White
27D 2700K Warm Dim
30K 3000K Warm White
30D 3000K Warm Dim

*Leave blank for no bulb
  WH White
BK Black
SN Satin Nickel