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Cirrus Suspension D1 Downlight With Remote Power, End Feed

Cirrus Suspension D1 Downlight with Remote 24VDC Power Supply (sold separately) is a linear LED fixture that offers direct light in a clean, contemporary style. Available in increments from 12"-240" and several Metal Finish Options. Choose High or Standard Efficiency in nine color temperatures ranging from 2200k to 5700k, including two Warm Dim options of (27D) 2700K or (30D) 3000K that dim down to 2000K. Order the Cirrus D1 Suspension with either a Diffused White Lens with a 100º Beam Spread or a Clear Frosted 60º Lens. Add a Black or White Louver for additional glare reduction. Remote 24VDC power supplies are required and ordered separately. Fixture includes a 5 year pro-rated warranty. For custom designs and quotes, send drawings to design@PureEdgeLighting.com.

Wattages for this fixture are available in the following options:

  • 2W - 2.5 Watts per Foot, Lengths up to 420" (35')
  • 5W - 4.4 Watts per Foot, Lengths up to 240" (20')
  • 7W - 7.3 Watts per Foot, Lengths up to 160" (13.3')
  • 10W - 9.6 Watts per Foot, Lengths up to 120" (10')

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